In the span of hours barely turning into days, Jesus went from being poised to be king to being tortured beyond recognition and executed on a cross. How did His triumph end in defeat?

Or did it?

The Son of God achieved victory by being defeated, by being obedient to the point of death. His death on the cross triumphantly put to shame all the powers of the unseen world.

We've been given all that we need to live the godly life, so, having been set up for victory, why then are we so often defeated? The flesh prefers the comfort of staying stuck in a perpetual cycle of defeat rather than choosing death to self, but death is what completes defeat.

Unstuck will take Christians who want to discover why they keep repeating this cycle of defeat through a process of exposing the many places where the flesh lurks. But beware; Unstuck cuts to the very core of your self-centered living. It won't feel good, and it certainly won’t make you feel good about yourself.

Through Biblical examples and telling the author’s own story in gritty and raw form, Unstuck drills down to the core of the flesh in order to crucify it at the root. The author’s prayer is that the Lord will use this book to help believers live out the truth of their death and life in Jesus Christ in a very practical way.


Amy Hernandez grew up in the southern United States, raised by Christian parents. She and her twin brother are the youngest of six kids. Amy enjoys coffee – seriously. She grinds locally roasted coffee beans every morning. She also loves knitting, singing with her husband, and taking long road trips.

While attending Emmaus Bible College (where she met her husband Joel), Amy became open to the need to serve wherever the Lord would lead her. Alongside her husband, she has followed the Lord’s leading to serve in California, Texas, and eventually in Guanajuato, Mexico—where they helped teach and encourage believers and churches for eight years. In 2007, Joel, Amy, and their daughter Sarah, returned to the United States. Joel leads the Intercultural Studies Department at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa. By being honest and exposing her struggles with the flesh, she has discovered that behind the perfect veneer we reserve for public viewing, we all have felt taken down by defeat.

Amy is passionate about speaking truth into the lives of other women. She is eternally grateful for and dependent on God’s Word as her source of that truth, which she believes is able to cut through even the toughest, most stubborn heart out there (including her own), and provide practical teaching, instruction, and hope for any who would turn and call on Jesus Christ.